Selecting the Right PCB Assembly Company

pcbassemblyChoosing the right PCB assembly company can be risky and stressful. With so many options available in the market today, most people just choose the cheapest services. It is important to keep in mind that receiving an inspected and tested product does not guarantee reliability. There are some cases in which electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers conceal information to earn more money. You should be aware of these risks. Having said that, even though price is an important factor when making a decision, there are also some things that should be taken into consideration.

Your Needs

The company that you have to choose will depend on your needs. For instance, if you do not have a design and layout yet of your printed circuit boards, you should find a company that offers design and layout services. In this case, it is important to find a company that specializes in design and layout. Doing this will ensure the reliability and efficiency of the design.
Actually, the layout of high functioning designs can be complex. The design of the printed circuit board is crucial to the final product. For this reason, it is recommended to outsource your layout to professionals.

Quick Turnaround Time

This consideration allows you to manage and save your time efficiently. The average turnaround time for most companies is two to five days. However, there are also some companies that offer rushed order which takes around at most two days.
There are some points that you need to keep in mind when choosing a PCB assembly company that offers quick turnaround time. First, you should find a service provider that has a good track record of returning orders quickly. You can do this by reading some reviews online or through recommendations of your friends. Second, the company should be an expert in assembling rigid, multi-layer or single-layer printed circuit boards. Third, the service provider should respond to your queries and requirements promptly. This will help you assess if the company can actually finish the project on time.

Quality of the Products

Perhaps, this is the most important consideration of all. Of course, all companies would claim that they offer highest quality services. In reality, not all PCBs are created with high quality. The failure rates vary across companies.
How do PCB assembly companies control the quality of their products? To answer this question, you better visit the factory. There are three main rules in surface-mount technology (SMT) workshops: dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-static. Also, the workshop should be International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 certified. Visiting the workshop will give you an idea if the company is consistent with providing high quality products.


Basically, the price of the assembly service depends on the components and cost of processing. So the real challenge here is selecting the best components at competitive rates. Even though component sourcing is part of a PCB assembly, it is better to communicate positively with your manufacturer regarding this matter. It will ensure good production quality and cheap costs.

Minimum Order

The minimum order for every project varies in scope and size. For instance, one client may need just one printed circuit board for prototyping while another client may need a dozen of boards. Moreover, small orders for one manufacturer may be large orders for another. Having said that, it is important to find a company that can fulfill your specific needs. There are companies that specialize in low volume orders, while others specialize in high volume requests.


In order to choose the right PCB Assembly company for you, there are some things that you need to consider. These are your needs, quick turnaround time, quality, pricing and minimum order.

Men’s Quick Guide for Golf style

The last thing a golf player wants is to lose. The second last thing a golf player wants is to be judged badly because of his attire. Aside from the essentials of good golf shirts, that is, being breathable, lightweight and fast-drying, allowing the player to freely move and having a good fit, some things are worth more than the basics.

It may be a common knowledge that loose clothes are comfortable. When dressing for playing golf, that isn’t always the rule. The sleeves of good golf shirts or polo shirts should extend only three-fourths down the shoulder and it should not cover the elbows. This would lessen the friction that comes when raising your arms for a swing. Avoid baggy golf shirts that extend up to the elbow. Over sized shirts won’t let you move freely. It will only get in your way.The phrase “polo shirt” is used in this paragraph for a reason. Most country clubs expects its clients and regulars to adhere to proper attire, which means a golf shirt with a collar.

GolfWhen it comes to getting dressed for golf, less is more. Avoid anything flamboyant. Avoid statement t-shirts (they don’t even have a collar in the first place) and shirts that are meant for other sports (yes, that soccer shirt with your team number and surname on it). Tuck the ends of the polo shirt underneath your trousers, khakis or shorts. They may look chill and laid back on casual days but apart from your point of view, they look sloppy on the golf course. Another one that looks sloppy on the golf course is cargo shorts. In some country clubs, cargo shorts and pants are banned. Speaking of khakis, those are the classic golf staples every golf player should have. They match perfectly with any golf shirt you decide to wear.

Just because collars are required by country clubs doesn’t mean you have to tinker with it. Just let it be a collar. Don’t raise it or play with it to create a statement. If you really want to create a statement, you can select a belt that compliments your top. For example, a forest green top can be worn with an orange belt or a red top with a dark green belt. But this approach can be tricky to work with and works for certain body types only.

If you’re a big man, it is best to match the color of your belt to the color of your trousers, not your golf shirt. That way it attracts less attention on that area, making your waistline unnoticed. Also, don’t wear golf shirts dancing with patterns and designs. Keep it plain, comfortable and structured. Remember the rule about sleeves on this one. If you’re a lean and fit man with a waistline below 34 inches, then you can safely pull off a belt that contrasts your trousers i.e. dark trousers, white belt, white trousers, brown or black belt. Another tip: always wear a belt when your polo shirt is going to be tucked in. Empty belt loops do not look proper.

If you’re wearing trousers, make sure that they aren’t too long. How long is long enough? They shouldn’t touch the ground or collect on your ankles. The bottom of your trousers should be long enough just to touch the top of your golf shoes. When you prefer to wear shorts, there are restrictions. Shorts should end right on top of your kneecaps. If they are too long, they will look unkempt; too short would look obscene.

If you decide to go for a bold-colored shirt, keep your pants simple. This also applies the other way around.

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