Be a Motivational Speaker

The reputation of motivational speakers these days is that of self-help experts. Many think that they are the people to gravitate to, so that they become the best versions of themselves and achieve success. This is the popular image of motivational speakers. Very few people understand, however, that these speakers can speak on just about any topic.

As such any person, who is an expert on a topic or has passion to gain an in depth understanding of a topic, can be a motivational speaker. All you have to develop is the skill in public speaking.

With motivational speaking, expert knowledge + great public speaking skills = a great career. For as long as you can find a market, which needs your knowledge, you can thrive as a speaker.

If you want to become a motivational speaker, visit our website at and we will provide you with the training required to start a career in this field.

For a quick look into how we intend to do this, here’s a basic step by step guide.Speaker

Determine your Message & Audience

Identify the topic – The purpose of a speaker is to motivate. As such it is necessary to have thorough knowledge of the topic you are going to speak on. Not only that, your interest and passion for the topic needs to be evident while speaking in front of a crowd. Your energy driven by passion is as much a source of motivation as your knowledge of the field you are discussing.

The people listening to you and watching you speak will pick up on your commitment to motivate them by gauging how much you know and love what you are talking about. If they see that you are passionate about the topic, then motivating them about it will be a cinch.

We have a wealth of materials available at just about any topic. We can guide you through the process of choosing the topic or field of expertise that you can discuss.

Keep it relevant. If you want your career as a motivational speaker to thrive, then it is necessary to choose a topic, which appeals to the taste of the public. We make sure that you can maximize your strength in picking a topic that will surely entice your audience.

Have expert knowledge. No one will attend your motivational speaking engagements unless they know you are an expert. In fact, expert knowledge is the first requirement for all motivational speakers. This is the reason people will hire you for the job. A talent for public speaking is a definite plus, something that will create a good reputation for you.

Without expert knowledge, it is nearly impossible to start as a speaker, so do everything you can to gain all the knowledge you need.

Understand the audience. Not all speakers are gifted with the ability to connect with their audience. If you do not like young people then it does not make sense to accept engagements with them. If people with disabilities do not interest you at all, then it is likely you will not be motivated to speak in front of a crowd of PWDs for hours on end.

On the other hand, if you can relate well with women professionals then go ahead play on your strength and choose a topic that targets females in the workforce. The point is choosing a topic is as important as choosing your audience. People will know if you are motivated to speak to them or not.

Our team will be more than happy to provide you with the tools to accurately identify and understand your audience, so that you can effectively connect with all of them at a speaking engagement.

Stellar Public Speaking Skills is Key

Study public speaking. Enroll in a public speaking class in your local college and university. You have to learn the basics when it comes to speaking in public. You need it to connect with your audience and leave a good impression.

If you deal with us to help you improve your public speaking skills, we can connect you with some experts in this field. We can bring out the confident speaker within you.

Practice speaking out loud. Make it a habit to stand in front of a mirror and practice your entire speech and presentation. It is a great way to prepare and make necessary improvements and tweaks that will improve your speech.

Always remember to connect to your audience. The right body language, eye contact and authentic speech delivery are the best ways to achieve your goal of motivating people.

Improve your writing skills. Motivational speaking is at its core about communication. Some of the best motivational speakers are also the best writers. It is a skill developed through years of public speaking, so write your own materials and keep at it for the long term. Start a blog, publish books and articles, and get your own website running. Do everything you can to write on a regular basis.

We have a wide range of writing manuals that you will find useful if you want to grow as a writer.

Play to the crowd. Use technology as part of your presentation. It is always impressive to an audience when a speaker is tech savvy enough to speak in front of them with a well prepared keynote or PowerPoint presentation. Technology provides several tools that will help in your talk.

Starting a career track as a motivational speaker is easy. Just make sure to follow the guideline discussed and stick with it, or visit our site and we will have a team assigned to you to ensure that you are on a career track to become successful in this field.

We guarantee that if are fully committed, then in time, you can speak in front of crowds and motivate them.

Uses of Lanyards during Emergency

There’s no doubt that lanyards are effective in making a certain company known. Anyone can use them to promote an event, organization, fund drive, cause, and others. Most people use it for lots of things other than its main purpose.

A lanyard is a favorite choice to carry an employee’s ID lanyards,Badge lanyards or small tools. Some people even use a lanyard to carry their water bottle, gadget, or even serve as a tie to secure something. People find ways to use a lanyard during emergency.

Fashion Emergency

If your lanyard is something good enough to pass as fashion accessory, then turn it into one. Some people can think of wonderful things to do with their lanyards and turn them as part of their outfit.

If you think that none in your collection of accessories can do justice to the look that you want to achieve, then you might want to take a peek at the unconventional things to use, including your lanyard. You need to let your imagination works for you and convert your lanyard into an accessory that can go well with your outfit.

You can add embellishments to your lanyard and turn it into a makeshift belt. Just make sure that your improvised belt goes well with your dress. You can turn your lanyard into a choker, hippy necklace, or other things that you have in mind.

You can use it to tie your hair or include it in your braid to make your hair look interesting. You can do this when wearing your day to day or casual wear.

Emergency Belt for your Pants

If you ever get into an unfortunate situation where your belt suddenly snaps, then you can use your lanyard to keep your pants from going down and make them hold onto your waist. There were people in similar situation who were saved by their lanyards and helped them escape an embarrassing situation.

LanyardsAll you need to do, when it happens to you, is use the lanyard as you would a belt and turn it into an instant belt replacement, especially if you have loose pants. Secure your lanyard by tying it tightly around your waist and check if your pants won’t fall off by making all sorts of movement. If possible, avoid moving too much or making excessive movements to make sure that your temporary belt really stays in place.

Emergency Strap

If you plan to go on a shopping spree, then you need to have something with you to tie your bags together and help you carry everything with ease. It would be difficult to carry your shopping bags separately after buying from different shops.

You can bundle your bags together using a lanyard to tie them together and carry the bags with ease. You don’t need to worry about losing a bag as you walk. You can hang the lanyard around your neck or keep a couple of lanyards in your handbag. You can never tell when you might need them. It is better to be ready than fret when such emergency occurs.

Emergency Binders

You can also use your lanyard to bind your books and carry them without trouble. You can use any lanyard to tie the things that you need to secure if you can’t find anything to help you secure your books or things. It also helps a lot if your lanyard is made from a sturdy and durable material.

These are just of the things that a lanyard can help you with during emergencies, so don’t throw it away even if you only got it as a giveaway. You might find other ways to use a lanyard in case of emergency, and you will be thankful that you kept your lanyards in your drawer.

Getting your Own Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are among the best ways to show your membership to a certain organization. During the early days, custom challenge coins were only used by military personnel who belong to a certain squadron. They had their own unique challenge coin, depending on their battalion.

Challenge coins have a deep military history. The earliest origin of challenge coins can be traced back to ancient Rome. During those days, the soldiers who performed great during the battle were rewarded. Included in their rewards was the specially minted medallion which bore the insignia of the legion they belong. The Roman soldier who received these medallions took great pride of this significant achievement.

customcoinsAnother origin story of challenge coin is one that dates back during the World War I. A rich American squadron leader gave his troops a special bronze medallion bearing the insignia of their squad. One of the soldiers of this particular squadron was captured by the Germans. They took away all the belongings of the captured American soldier, except for the leather pouch he wore around his neck. Apparently, the pouch contained the challenge coin given by his squadron commander.

One day, the captured American soldier was able to escape and headed to France. The French soldiers found the American and asked for his identification. However, he could not provide anything because his belongings were taken away. The French suspected that the American works as a spy; thus, he was ordered to be executed. However, he presented the bronze medallion given by his commander. The French soldier easily recognized the insignia. They found out that he’s an American, an ally. This saved him from the execution and prompted his release.

There are other accounts that describe the origin of custom challenge coins. Many have military background. Despite that, challenge coins are no longer limited to military use. In fact, many government agencies, corporations and social clubs use custom challenge coins. They give it to their employees and members as a symbol of membership. Some organizations give challenge coins as a token, award or a gift to their members. Others are just fond of collecting challenge coins. In fact, former President Bill Clinton has a huge collection of challenge coins coming from different government sectors and private organizations.

Where to Get your Challenge Coins?

Getting your own custom challenge coins for your organization or your collection has never been this easy. Today, there are dozens of good challenge coins producer online. Some offer the best design and most competitive price. They even have in-house graphic artists to satisfy the unique requirements of their customers.

Customization is also available. You can choose different shapes and materials for your unique challenge coins. You can also add several unique options like key chains, diamond cut edges, custom inserts, velvet boxes, and many more. Moreover, challenge coins companies deliver the work on time. Thus, you no longer need to worry.

Ordering your own challenge coins can be done online. It is very convenient. Moreover, they will deliver it right at your doorstep. To get started, you need to submit a logo that you want to put on your coins. Their design team will immediately work on the initial design. You can revise the work to your satisfaction.

Once the design is settled, you may choose the shape of your coin. Round shape is the most common shape used for challenge coins. However, you may choose other shapes like arrowhead, shield, pentagon and dog tag.

After choosing the desired shape for your challenge coin, you can now select the metal style. You may opt for a conventional polished gold design or antique silver.

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Market Value versus Assessed Value

Every property in the Nassau County real estate market has a fair market value and an assessed value. A lot of owners and home buyers are still confused of the difference between a market value and an assessed value. Both terms refer to a property’s monetary evaluation. These assessments equally serve the local government and the private realtors and both of which are very vital to homeowners.

real estateThe fair market value is for the open market. Sometimes called real estate market value, fair market value is the property’s most feasible rate if offered as an ordinary sale. It is generally based on the property’s condition, location, current market history, and supply and demand in the local housing market. Homeowners like you can actually estimate your home’s fair market value but if you want an actual value determination, you must contact a licensed property appraiser. Their assessment is the only appraisal considered valid by your local property tax appraisers and mortgage lenders.

In Nassau County, the value of Class 1 condominium units and private homes is projected by comparing it with similar properties that have been recently sold. Class 1 properties are one, two, or tree family homes. Every property with a primary purpose of residence and doesn’t exceed three units on a tax lot is part of this classification. Buildings that don’t go above three stories and used as residential condominiums are part of Class 1. These structures are not converted for leasing or cooperative use. Vacant lots reserved for a residence and extra adjacent lots of a home yard are also included in this category.

The value of cooperatives and Class 2 condominiums is estimated by considering the property as a rental operated apartment building. The probable cost of the property is estimated by appraisers. They take into consideration the potential of the building’s rental income, similar properties in the current market, and cost of the structure’s build.

Properties in Class 2 are apartments used as cooperative and rental residential units in condominium buildings which exceed three stories. They are either converted into cooperative usage or used for leasing. If the tax lot has four or more units and the property is mainly used for residential function, then the property is still classified as Class 2. Cooperatives and Class 2 properties are assessed as a whole. The fair market value is based on the operation of the whole property’s rental.

Nassau County determines the value assessment every 2nd of January. The finality of the property value appraisal happens the following year. If there are improvements like new buildings, expansions, or destruction of existing enhancement, then the Department of Assessment will consequently issue a newly revised property assessment.

A property’s assessed value is a figure based on the property owner’s annual property tax. It is a figure used by the local government for a uniform value of a property which belongs to the same class. Assessed value may or may not equal the fair market value.

The assessed value is constantly determined by taking a fraction or a percentage from the fair market value. The calculation of the assessed value is at 80% to 90% of the fair market value. Then they enforce a 1% to 2% annual property tax on its assessed value.

A class 1 residential property has a possibility of not increasing more than 6% in assessed value within a year, or in excess of 20% in five years. This limitation of value increase can be the result of ongoing renovations or constructions.

This value restriction is also applicable to Class 2 and Class 4 properties. Though there may not be a full restriction in the increase of the whole assessment, it still affects the property appraisal. Value increase that has not been attributed to renovations or constructions is subjected to a transition assessment of five years.

But how does the Department of Assessment determine the taxable assessed value? They will establish the transition assessment or limitation of a Class 1 property, if it is applicable. Exempt assessed values will be deducted. The remaining amount is your taxable assessed value. This is the value the government uses to compute your tax bills. Because of the several exemptions applicable to school taxes and other taxes, the general taxable assessed value may vary for each tax.

The exempt value is determined by the Department of Assessment. Exemptions should be filed on the first business day of January. They will determine whether you will be granted a continued exemption from preceding years or it’ll only be necessary to compute the amount of your new exemption. The exemption value will be adjusted according to the increase or decrease of your property’s total assessed value.

We mentioned a Class 4 property for assessed value. Class 4 categories encompass commercial, institutions, industrial and vacant lots. Class 3 properties, on the other hand, include all types of properties including franchises and utility company equipment. These four types of tax classes are essential in property assessment.

The Department of Assessment is required to classify each property into tax classes. Class 1 and Class 2 are primarily residential properties. Class 3 and Class 4, in general, are income-generating properties. Classification of taxes is especially significant for homeowners because Class 1 and 2 have lower tax rates.

We can help you find your dream property and determine its real value. Whether it’s for a group of friends, a small family, a huge family, or for your commercial use, you’ll dodge all the hassles by choosing us. Simply put, we are truly capable of assisting you in your home search.

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Selecting the Right PCB Assembly Company

pcbassemblyChoosing the right PCB assembly company can be risky and stressful. With so many options available in the market today, most people just choose the cheapest services. It is important to keep in mind that receiving an inspected and tested product does not guarantee reliability. There are some cases in which electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers conceal information to earn more money. You should be aware of these risks. Having said that, even though price is an important factor when making a decision, there are also some things that should be taken into consideration.

Your Needs

The company that you have to choose will depend on your needs. For instance, if you do not have a design and layout yet of your printed circuit boards, you should find a company that offers design and layout services. In this case, it is important to find a company that specializes in design and layout. Doing this will ensure the reliability and efficiency of the design.
Actually, the layout of high functioning designs can be complex. The design of the printed circuit board is crucial to the final product. For this reason, it is recommended to outsource your layout to professionals.

Quick Turnaround Time

This consideration allows you to manage and save your time efficiently. The average turnaround time for most companies is two to five days. However, there are also some companies that offer rushed order which takes around at most two days.
There are some points that you need to keep in mind when choosing a PCB assembly company that offers quick turnaround time. First, you should find a service provider that has a good track record of returning orders quickly. You can do this by reading some reviews online or through recommendations of your friends. Second, the company should be an expert in assembling rigid, multi-layer or single-layer printed circuit boards. Third, the service provider should respond to your queries and requirements promptly. This will help you assess if the company can actually finish the project on time.

Quality of the Products

Perhaps, this is the most important consideration of all. Of course, all companies would claim that they offer highest quality services. In reality, not all PCBs are created with high quality. The failure rates vary across companies.
How do PCB assembly companies control the quality of their products? To answer this question, you better visit the factory. There are three main rules in surface-mount technology (SMT) workshops: dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-static. Also, the workshop should be International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 certified. Visiting the workshop will give you an idea if the company is consistent with providing high quality products.


Basically, the price of the assembly service depends on the components and cost of processing. So the real challenge here is selecting the best components at competitive rates. Even though component sourcing is part of a PCB assembly, it is better to communicate positively with your manufacturer regarding this matter. It will ensure good production quality and cheap costs.

Minimum Order

The minimum order for every project varies in scope and size. For instance, one client may need just one printed circuit board for prototyping while another client may need a dozen of boards. Moreover, small orders for one manufacturer may be large orders for another. Having said that, it is important to find a company that can fulfill your specific needs. There are companies that specialize in low volume orders, while others specialize in high volume requests.


In order to choose the right PCB Assembly company for you, there are some things that you need to consider. These are your needs, quick turnaround time, quality, pricing and minimum order.

Men’s Quick Guide for Golf style

The last thing a golf player wants is to lose. The second last thing a golf player wants is to be judged badly because of his attire. Aside from the essentials of good golf shirts, that is, being breathable, lightweight and fast-drying, allowing the player to freely move and having a good fit, some things are worth more than the basics.

It may be a common knowledge that loose clothes are comfortable. When dressing for playing golf, that isn’t always the rule. The sleeves of good golf shirts or polo shirts should extend only three-fourths down the shoulder and it should not cover the elbows. This would lessen the friction that comes when raising your arms for a swing. Avoid baggy golf shirts that extend up to the elbow. Over sized shirts won’t let you move freely. It will only get in your way.The phrase “polo shirt” is used in this paragraph for a reason. Most country clubs expects its clients and regulars to adhere to proper attire, which means a golf shirt with a collar.

GolfWhen it comes to getting dressed for golf, less is more. Avoid anything flamboyant. Avoid statement t-shirts (they don’t even have a collar in the first place) and shirts that are meant for other sports (yes, that soccer shirt with your team number and surname on it). Tuck the ends of the polo shirt underneath your trousers, khakis or shorts. They may look chill and laid back on casual days but apart from your point of view, they look sloppy on the golf course. Another one that looks sloppy on the golf course is cargo shorts. In some country clubs, cargo shorts and pants are banned. Speaking of khakis, those are the classic golf staples every golf player should have. They match perfectly with any golf shirt you decide to wear.

Just because collars are required by country clubs doesn’t mean you have to tinker with it. Just let it be a collar. Don’t raise it or play with it to create a statement. If you really want to create a statement, you can select a belt that compliments your top. For example, a forest green top can be worn with an orange belt or a red top with a dark green belt. But this approach can be tricky to work with and works for certain body types only.

If you’re a big man, it is best to match the color of your belt to the color of your trousers, not your golf shirt. That way it attracts less attention on that area, making your waistline unnoticed. Also, don’t wear golf shirts dancing with patterns and designs. Keep it plain, comfortable and structured. Remember the rule about sleeves on this one. If you’re a lean and fit man with a waistline below 34 inches, then you can safely pull off a belt that contrasts your trousers i.e. dark trousers, white belt, white trousers, brown or black belt. Another tip: always wear a belt when your polo shirt is going to be tucked in. Empty belt loops do not look proper.

If you’re wearing trousers, make sure that they aren’t too long. How long is long enough? They shouldn’t touch the ground or collect on your ankles. The bottom of your trousers should be long enough just to touch the top of your golf shoes. When you prefer to wear shorts, there are restrictions. Shorts should end right on top of your kneecaps. If they are too long, they will look unkempt; too short would look obscene.

If you decide to go for a bold-colored shirt, keep your pants simple. This also applies the other way around.

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