Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

Hi, I’m coming with top 20 interesting games for android free download latest game of 2018.

without wasting of a time let’s check the List of Interesting Games For Android Free Download.

1. Escape from Chernobyl
Chernobyl is a horror-survival type game actually, the theme of the game is Doomsday Survival.

Escape from Chernobyl has a powerful scene which shows in a map the harmful nuclear power plant radiation and using the variety of different weapon player fighting with infected people.

Release DateCurrent VersionRequires AndroidOffered ByDeveloper
August 16, 20182.02.3 and up ProduceNELSETRussia, Stavropol
2. Asphalt 9: Legends

After the massive success of Asphalt 8 Gameloft Barcelona, they continue their series with the same passion and more graphics.

Asphalt 9 is the ninth installment series in Asphalt this is an also a racing video game, which recently released on 25th July of 2018 by Gameloft.

Initial Release DateSeries PlatformsDeveloperPublisher Modes
5th of july 2018AsphaltAndroid, Windows 10, iOSGameloftGameloftSingle & Multiplayer game
3. OFF The Road

OFF The Road is a new series released on 5th of July, 2018 developed by Dogbyte Games. Dogbyte improves and added more impressive work to their previous version.

The convert game from two dimensional to full three-dimensional graphics action. now players can adventure in an open world.

where players can drive different vehicles just like trucks,8-wheeled behemoths, 4X4, boats, and helicopters.

4. Kung Fu Z

Kung Fu Z game is based on a concept of saving the world from zombies kung fu z updated on  25th of August 2018.

Z is a Zak who knows martial arts and he is a hero of a game who trains himself in the morning time when he mediated zombies interrupted him and zombie all around the City.

Release Date
Tiny Titan Studios2018-09-25Android 4.1+Free Arcade Game
5. Alto’s Odyssey

Odyssey game has been released in iOS operating System on 1st of February and 25th of July 2018, released it in on Android.

This is Simple and a beautifully designed game player has challenging snowboarding that takes the player on a serene trip and desert scenery.

Developed by Alto’s Adventure and published by Noodlecake Studio Inc. Odyssey also has a “zen ” mode in this mode player have an interface with art style and soundtracks.

6 Life Is Strange 2

Strange 2 is a graphic video adventure game which focused on two brothers journey, one is Sean and Daniel Diaz, they both on a dangerous road trip.

After a tragic event happened at the beginning of the game They both run from police Under threat of separation and arrest. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

developed by Dontnod Entertainment and Published by Square Enix and this is the second episode of Strange series first 5 episode was released on 27th of September 2018.

7.Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn 

Shaq Fei Hung is a Chinese orphan who has a journey to save the most perilous corners of the world.

Shaq Fei Hung to fight with evil and Hung realized his destiny to save the world.

Players take control of the unstoppable Big Diesel as he brawls his way through the hordes of Hollywood and Hell in classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up style.

Release datePlatform(s)Composer(s)DeveloperPublisher
June 5, 2018Genesis, Super NES, Gear, Boy, AmigaRaphaël GesquaBig Deez ProductionsMad Dog Games LLC
8. Left to Survive

Survive an ultimate shooter-game as the name suggests to a player to Survive against zombies using grenades, shotguns, and rifles.

you can get a chopper and lay waste on the enemy. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

CategoryLatest VersionPublish DateRequirements
Free Action GAME
1.1.02018-09-25Android 4.2+
9 The Room: Old Sins 

The Room is developed by Fireproof Games, and it is the 4th game in their series, The Room Old Sin was released for Android/iOS mobile platforms on 5th of January, 2018.

A theme of the games has always been very excellent on some particular thing, They presenting you with different & strange objects. Then the player can manipulate them to uncover their secrets.

FIFA Soccer released their new season for the mobile user on 12th of October 2018, FIFA gameplay beta is developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS.

In this version, you have a chance to experience, test and provide feedback to FIFA developers.

as we all know that this is a beta version so please note that player progress will not carry over to the new season of FIFA.

October 11,2018Android varies with devices11.1.00Free

Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

11 Piffle

Piffle is an arcade puzzle game full of beautiful characters and cute cats! put your cat finger to aim and choose the best angle to shoot and break all the blocks and collect piffle balls.

The player will win when to make many combos and achieve high scores.

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires AndroidOffered
October 9, 20181.004.102884.4 and upHIPSTER WHALE
12 Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl is Badland series of games, it is actually free to play Clash  Royale clone with adorable graphics.

Collect numbers of clones and make some brilliant tactics and take down the opponent’s player tower, Brawl is just like every other clone of Clash Royale.

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires AndroidProducer
October 9, 20181. and upFrogmind
13 Skyward Journey

Skyward Journey is released by Dan Vogt, Dan gives one of the best game in 2017 which is Data Wing.

The main goal of the game is to gather lost birds and add them to birds folk circle and lead them on their home.

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires AndroidProducer
October 10, 20181.04.4 and upDan Vogt
14 Zentris

Zentris is a puzzle game developed by Kowloon Hong Kong and Offered By Playlab.

The Main motive of Zentris game is to connect the tiles to reform at least one line or one column to complete the desk in a never-ending game. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

UpdatedRequires AndroidOffered ByDeveloper
October 10, 20184.1 and upPlaylabKowloon Hong Kong

Pixel Puzzle is a game to complete puzzles of uncover character from conic nostalgia games,

you will solve puzzles that are your favorite in Konomi characters. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires Android
Offered By
October 9, 20181.0.05.0 and upKONAMI
16 Pick The Gold

Pick The Gold is a digging game developed by VOODOO.

Game goal is that as far as you can dig you get Gold or Silver if your master in digging you found Saphire or Emerald, the best gift is Diamond. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

UpdatedCurrent Version
Requires Android

Offered By
October 11, 20181.8.54.1 and up
17 Police Runner 

Police Runner game theme is that player job is to run from police as long as a possible. the player will able to upgrade their vehicles and enjoy revenge sensations. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

Game Details 

UpdatedCurrent Version
Requires Android

Offered By
October 11, 20181.0.15.0 and up
18 Cosmobot – Hyper Jump 

It’s Time for Explore space, In  Cosmobot game you have space robots and your duty is to control your robot.

Robots jumping from one plant to another planet. At jumping robot get currency and use this currency to unlock the new planet and surviving on the planet. As long as possible.Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires AndroidOffered By
October 10, 20181.3.24.1 and up
19 Glory Ages – Samurais

Samurais is an excellent game that’s all about Glory Ages of Samurais Battles. In this game you can get all the technics of Samurai, you get sword battles, intelligent opponent and get all kinds of equipment. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires AndroidOffered By
October 10, 20181.014.1 and upNoTriple-A Games

20 Tap Empire: Idle Clicker

In this players contains live events player will spend their premium currency to enter. In events and player will come out from an event when he will have more currency then he spent for an event. Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download

UpdatedCurrent VersionRequires AndroidOffered By
October 8, 20181.7.34.1 and upFlaregames

Top 20 Interesting Games For Android Free Download


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